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Submitting content for reviewing

How to add papers, software descriptions and other data types to this site.

Adding content to the site is a simple process. In order to add content, you must be logged in to the site and you can only add content in the parts of the site where you are allowed to (this is called having permission). As a site member, by default you will have permission to add content to your member folder, so this is a good place to practice.

To begin, make sure you are logged in to the site. Then, navigate to your member folder by clicking on "my folder" in the personal links bar in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Your folder will open in "contents view". This means you will see all of the items inside your folder. If you haven't added anything to your folder yet, the only item that will be in your folder is a document called "your home page" (your=your member name).

Above the document list there will be two drop-down menus. The one on the left allows you to customize your folder view by only showing certain items. The one on the right allows you to add new types of content, including documents, events, files, folders, images, news items, etc.

All types of content will have a name, a title and a description. The name becomes part of the item's web address, and should be written in all lowercase letters with no spaces. The title will appear in the navigation structure and at the top of the page. The description should provide a brief summary of the object and will appear beneath the title.

The folowing types of data objects are avaiable for submition:

  • Article - information about a paper from a journal, conference, etc.
  • DataFormat - a description of a data format for DataSet type
  • DataSet - a set of experimental data
  • Model - a numeric model
  • News Message - is a special type of document that becomes visible on the "News" tab. This type of ojbect should be used for announcements.
  • Software - a description of a software package
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