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Setting Preferences

Customize the way you interact with the site.

Once you have registered as a member of a Plone site, you have the ability to change a few things. If you look at the bar running across the upper portion of the page, just below the tabs, you will see that the right side of it now contains a number of links.

The third link is to "my preferences". Click this link, and a page will open that shows all of the customization options available to you. These options allow you to customize the way the site looks to you and the way you interact with it, but they don't change any site content. You can edit them at any time.

As with any form in a Plone site, items with a red square next to them are required, which means you must fill them in for the form to submit correctly. There are several items here that you can change to your liking:

  • Content Editor: The content editor is the way in which you will edit your documents. The default is None, which simply means you will use the default form for content editing. The Visual Editor option provides basic formatting tools within the default form, so you can do things like create lists, add bold text, create tables or add images more easily.
  • Listed Status: You can choose your listed status. If you are listed, you will show up in the membership list. If you are unlisted, you will not, but your member folder will still, by default, show up in the folder listings. (You can change this through other means, explained later...)
  • Form Help: Turning form help on provides form help pop-ups. Turning form help off hides them.
  • Display Names: This option may or may not appear, depending upon how the site you have joined is configured. For now, leave the default setting. Click here for a more detailed explanation about names.
  • Portrait: You can choose to upload an image to use as your portrait. This image will be what people see when they search for you in the member list. When choosing your image, keep in mind that it will be shown at a very small in size (only 75 pixels wide and 100 pixels high).

When you are finished making your selections, click "save" to make them active.

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