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About the INTER-NEURO Initiative

DRAFT of the Manifest

The InterNeuro initiative addresses the problems put forward by the OECD Neuroinformatics Working Group concerning the fragmentation and diversity of information and the lack of reproducible research. Sole availability of data or algorithms on the Web, although may look like the solution, creates a huge information noise, hence the need of high quality and organised scientific information


propose a solution in terms of:

  • Methodology for user-transparent interconnection of queries
  • Specialized vortals (,, providing high quality scientific material (data, publications, software, references ...)

These vortals are dedicated to collecting, reviewing and publishing scientific material in an unrestricted way. Quality will be controlled by the Scientific Boards of the specialized vortals. On the other hand, such a fragmentation of higly interrelated resources calls for a methods to facilitate its integration on the user level, that is a user looking for information. We implement this by means of the transparent interchange of queries between the involved vortals (technical details are given here). integrating results in a single response, available in any of the particiapting vortals. The solutions are based to the maximum possible extent on existing open standards, in particular XML, SOAP, Open Archives and Dublin Core.

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