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Spatial Vision - Call for Papers

Special Issue on Vision Science and Art

Although there are strong interactions between Science and Art their mutual influences are rarely studied. The main concern of the scientific community has been with vision and the brain mechanisms underlying perception with applications to art being peripheral to the main discourse. The scientific study of objects of Art has not been systematically approached by Vision Science and the Neurosciences. Similarly, the few artists that have exploited the potential of the biology of seeing in their creations did so within the context of Art without addressing aspects of Vision Science.

A bridge between Vision Science and Art is beginning to be constructed; recent scientific discoveries contribute to the understanding of Art, and Art seems to incorporate knowledge generated by science. Thus the time has come to further stimulate and speed up this construction and possibly to start creating a Vision Science of Art. This special issue is aimed at a deeper understanding of vision, art, and their relationship, basing on the observation that both visual science and visual arts (i) explore visual perception through its main properties -- color, spatial vision, shape, visual organization, depth and (nowadays) motion --, (ii) analyze and create a large variety of phenomena that involve a range of objects, from the simplest possible to the most complex ones which involve integration across different sensory modalities; and (iii) answer different but related questions about how and why we see the way we do.

Submissions that explore both Vision Science and Art and the link between the science of perception and visual arts are awaited. Particularly welcomed are articles that might suggest new ideas and new findings useful for the experimental foundation of a Vision Science of Art.

Manuscripts for this special issue should be submitted before June 15 2006. The reviewing process is expected to be completed within 3 months, with publication in early to mid 2007.

Manuscripts should be emailed directly to the guest editor, following the Instructions for Authors in Color prints are expected to be of high quality and low cost (100 Euros per page). Authors are encouraged to contact the guest editor of this issue, Dr Baingio Pinna, if uncertain about the relevance of their work to the issue.